Petition to Apple
Tell Apple to restore the Human Coalition Prayer App to the Apple App Store.

Tell Apple to reinstate the Human Coalition app.

This summer, after four years, twenty thousands downloads, and 3.7 million prayers, Apple removed Human Coalition’s pro-life prayer app without warning. 

When Human Coalition sought an explanation, Apple was unable to answer key questions regarding the motivation and timing of the removal of the app. However, we do know that pro-abortion media pundits took aim at the Human Coalition app in the weeks preceding Apple’s decision to remove it.

Subsequent communication with Apple has yielded no resolution. Therefore, we must continue to pressure Apple, so we can ultimately reinstate our pro-life app.

Signed (Add your name),

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Current App Status

New findings have surfaced in Human Coalition’s quest for answers. A user on the official Apple Discussions forum shared what he says is an email exchange with Apple iTunes Support. In the purported exchange, iTunes Support Senior Advisor “Rene” states that “the app was pulled in order to ease tension between the people who support it and those who don’t.”

This admission, if true, would confirm that Apple’s narrative about finding fault with the app technology was not the whole truth. As a reminder, Apple pulled the Human Coalition app directly on the heels of pro-abortion media attacks specifically aimed at the app, and Apple never took issue with our app technology in the four years leading up to the media attacks.

We persist in seeking clarity from Apple and appreciate your continued support.

November 14, 2017
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